RasTafari Movement

Here at Umoja Urban Culture Our main focus and drive is to promote Unity through the Rastafari movement. To Us the Rastafari movement is a way of life. A blue print given unto Us by His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, the last Emperor of Ethiopia, that teaches Us love and acceptance for the betterment of the human race.

Past, Present and Future

Umoja Urban Culture was officially formed on the 25th of January 2005. At this time We were a single street stall in Alberton, South Africa. To date Umoja Urban Culture consists of two walk in shops and a weekend flea market. The launch of this online store reflects Our plans to continue to expand the brand to all corners of the globe. 

Umoja Urban Culture's Mission

Umoja stands for Unity and Our mission is to create a sense of Unity within Our Urban communities using Reggae music and Rasta clothing. Our hope is that by embracing the Rastafari Culture people can find common ground to come together.